The Namugongo League 2022


2022-03-26 To 2022-07-30



  1. (UMOSAN), cognizant of the need to socialize and network better, ventured into an intramural and recre- ational sports programme ( a soccer league).
  2. To strengthen Sport as a tool for development. This renders Sport an avenue for improving the livelihood of the populace through robust cam- paigns and charity programmes focusing on public health, poverty allevi- ation, to mention but a few.
  3. To avail and maintain an avenue for mutual entrepreneurial platforms and support through partnerships and sponsorships.
  4. To invigorate the corporate social responsibility wing of the UMOSAN through organizing more regular community outreach programs.
  5. To bridge the generational divide among members of the alumni through an activity whose regularity and unification prowess is guaran- teed.
  6. To ensure that the members are healthy and physically fit through partic- ipating in the soccer games in the competitive and friendly fixture sched- ules.
  7. The Namugongo League is set to provide a wide range of services through linkages. With this, consumption of football as a service will bring significant economical and social-political effect and a high informational-entertaining value for all the stakeholders.
  8. The League intends to partner with firms both in the private and public ambit to address societal needs and in turn contribute to the corporate social responsibility profile of the partners and sponsors.
  9. The League is furthermore intent to contribute to the clientele of partner firms and promote activities.