King Ceasor University League 2023


2024-03-07 To 2024-03-07



  1. To learn the outcomes of success and failure. Learn that there are rewards for succes than failure and try to be successful at all times.
  2. To promote preparation: Exploring the possibility of, and preparing for numerous outcomes, you are better able to make informed decisions and take action.
  3. Building resilience: The League serves as an exemplary model for managing disappointment and adversity.
  4. Emphasizing attitude Control: To learn that a confident attitude positively impacts students, performance, and gain insights into managing and improving their attitude.
  5. Instilling long-term thinking: To discover the importance of sacrificing immediate gratification for long-term gains.
  6. Fostering relationships: Through football, students make good and strong connections with their teammates and fans, providing a valuable socialization platform and building long term relationships.
  7. Promoting diversity: The league brings together players from various backgrounds, including public, private, and local community clubs, promoting a multicultural environment within the university.
  8. To Learn how to be a good teammate, making positive contributions, regardless of the role on the team or activity. Experience working as a team member, exercising self-discipline and self-sacrifice in order to achieve team goals.
  9. Learn from experience that consequences follow the violation of a rule. Learn to be disciplined at all times