Mushanga League Soccergala 2023


2023-06-25 To 2023-06-25



  1. Mushanga League is one of the alumni league for the old students who went through Sacred Heart S.S Mushanga, Sheema district.
  2. This is one of the platforms aimed at bringing old students more together and stronger through sports & other activities that will come on the way.
  3. The purpose of the tournament is to provide a clear platform for football players in Ankole region to show case their talents.
  4. Promoting old Students Corperate association
  5. Promoting Sacred Heart S.S Mushanga Brand.
  6. Acknowledging the impact of old students Women in Sports.
  7. Promoting old Students Business Branding, Brand awareness, Marketing and Visibility.
  8. Promoting old Students social interactions & engagements for mental health.
  9. Create an avenue for corporate re uniting & corporate networking.