Kassanda DFA Super Cup 2023


2023-06-25 To 2023-08-20



  1. To encourage and increase the participation in football within the community.
  2. The purpose of the tournament is to provide a clear platform for football players in Ankole region to show case their talents.
  3. To provide an open forum for tackling key issues and challenges facing District football in communities.
  4. To enable and empower District communities to create new opportunities and open pathways through the development of strategic partnerships.
  5. To create sustainable opportunities in participation and open pathways to access football at all levels of the game by providing opportunities to access funding, partnerships, coaching, training and education.
  6. To increase representation and equity for the Ugandan football community in top flight football.
  7. We want to teach ourselves the basic concept of team work in our lives and also how to live and work with people from different cultures.
  8. To encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles and to contribute to improving the well being and quality of life of people of all ages and abilities hence living more healthy lives.